Mixed Metals + Meaningful

The mixed metal look brings warm and cool tones together in stunning ways.


GiGi Bracelet Set  / Reva Block Bracelet / Laurel Bracelet

But this particular combination does more than juxtapose silver and golden hues … it also allows you to say something personal (which I love).

Here, you can start with the GiGi Bracelet Set (Triple Combo). With its Gold, Grey Silver, and Bright Silver colors, it sets the stage for the other pieces and offers an “instant” mixed-metal look, all in one.

Next, I love adding the Sterling silver Reva Block Bracelet at the center. With up to 8 letters, you can create your own meaningful message—whether that’s kids’ initials, an inspirational word, or even a favorite team name.

And finally, the Laurel Bracelet adds a satin finish gold plated touch, with its nature-inspired design.

And there you go—with just three bracelets, you’ve pulled off a complete mixed layered look that also expresses something unique about yourself!