about reva grey

Effortless, sophisticated jewelry—handmade and curated designs to express your unique style.

our founder & designer

janet kinkade

Janet Kinkade is a jewelry designer, fashion influencer, and entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years, she’s launched two jewelry brands, the first of which went on to become a national direct sales company with $20 million in sales and thousands of Consultants across the country. After a few years as Founder and CEO of Jewel Kade, she sold her company and entered the corporate world, helping lead branding, marketing, product design, and training.

A few years later, Janet returned to her roots in design and launched Reva Grey, an online jewelry brand, specializing in handmade gold, sterling silver, and turquoise pieces.

Then she added another title to her resume as owner of Olive + Tweed, a million-dollar fashion boutique with its retail location on beautiful Main Street in Park City and an online store featuring designer apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

And something truly impressive? She’s done it all as a single mom!

about the jewelry


To help your customers know how to care for their jewelry, here are a few details.

Gold filled - Gold filled jewelry is essentially a solid layer of gold that’s bonded to a base of another metal, such as sterling silver or copper. It’s typically less expensive than solid gold jewelry, but more durable. Wear it in the shower, on the beach, at the gym–it will retain its quality and sheen!

Sterling silver - Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy (typically copper or zinc). The alloy makes the silver more durable. While tarnish-resistant, sterling silver can tarnish slightly over time. Simply clean with a soft, dry cloth or use a mild silver polish to restore its sheen.

Silver plated / Gold plated - A more affordable option, plated jewelry is made of another metal, such as copper, zinc, or brass, and coated with a thin layer of sterling silver or gold. Reva Grey plated items are tarnish-resistant. That said, they’re not as durable as gold filled or sterling silver, so handle with care for greater longevity–avoid water, sun, lotions, and perfume. Clean with a soft, dry cloth as needed.

Turquoise - Our turquoise designs feature genuine one-of-a-kind beads hand-selected by our buyers for their quality and beauty, with organic markings made by Mother Nature. Clean with a soft, dry cloth as needed.

Pearls - Our pearls are genuine one-of-a-kind freshwater pearls. Clean with a soft, dry cloth as needed.